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Victoria Charters


Victoria is the voice of Buster Bee, the Narrator & 14 other charcters for the childrens series The Bugville Critters

Reagent Press just finished production on a 7-book set of children’s stories written by Robert Stanek for children ages 3 to 8 and featuring 16 voiced characters all performed by a single actress—Victoria Charters. While the company had considered doing the story collection using a full cast, the actresses’ wide range of skills convinced them she was the right talent for the task. Creating 16 original voices is lot of work.
-Sarah Nassauer, Wall Street Journal, “Home & Family: Getting an Earful of Printed Words”



Have Victoria record your voice-over.

* Commercials * Narration * Animation * Audio-Books * *Promo/Trailer * Radio-Imaging* Games *

Broadcast quality dry voice or produced voice work delivered in less than 24 hours.

MP3 * WAV * AIFF * CD Overnight * FTP

For more information and rates, please contact Victoria.

"Victoria, you are particularly talented at characterization - among a handful that I've taught that are blessed with formidable ability.  You've got the juice." - Pat Fraley

"Gentle, lilting and luminous, the cordial voice of Victoria Charters is perfect for rich reads, announcing, and sophisticated commercials"

- Stephanie Ciccarelli, voices.com

"I thought you did a very nice job, and I particularily liked the commercial. It was very playful, and, I thought your voice was suited for production with such color as that. I also liked your news a lot, and your ability to metamorphize from a commercial voice to a news inflection is impressive. Good commentary voice."

-G. Piltz AM 1290

"Victoria's voice is decidedly authoritative, yet delicate enough to charm the ear."

-Critically acclaimed by the InteractiveVoices.com Team