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Mistress Megavolt

Victoria has performed internationally as Mistress Megavolt, most notably in 2009 for the French Television production La Soirée de L'étrange. She has also been featured on many National Television programs, including Fox News, Disaster House, Nat Geo Amazing!, and Time Warp.

Victoria met Austin Richards aka Dr Megavolt ® in Los Angeles in 2002 . In 2006 she built her Mistress Megavolt suit to perform at the Fire Arts Festival in Oakland, California and then the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. Victoria’s specialty is poi spinning or fire spinning while in the Megavolt suit!

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Victoria is currently producing the documentary Dr Megavolt: Man Meets Lightning which includes archival footage from shows since the creation of Dr Megavolt ® in the Bay area in 1997, interviews with key people who crewed with Dr Megavolt ® over the years, animations about Tesla Coils and high voltage that evoke the look and feel of old science class movies, a bit of Tesla coil history for all the Nikola Tesla fanatics out there and fun facts about atmospheric lightning and especially the use of high voltage in our everyday lives. Mistress Megavolt
The Burning Man Festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA was where Dr Megavolt ® found his first major audience and Dr Megavolt: Man Meets Lightning includes footage and interviews from 8 key years performing at Burning Man from 1998 - 2010. Dr Megavolt ® returned to Burning Man in August 2010 after a four year hiatus. A grant from Burning Man and a successful kickstarter campaign meant Dr Megavolt ®’s journey to, at and from Burning Man 2010 was comprehensively documented.

To book Dr. MegaVolt ® & Mistress Megavolt to perform at your next event or party, email: v at drmegavolt.com

MORE ABOUT DR MEGAVOLT® www.drmegavolt.com

Dr Megavolt ® is a high-voltage performance piece created by Dr. Austin Richards, Ph.D. in particle physics from UC Berkeley, currently employed as research scientist, who has been building Tesla coils since 1981. He has been performing with Tesla coils in a metal suit since March of 1997. Dr. MegaVolt's National Television debut was on NBC's "You Asked for it" in 1999, since then Dr Megavolt ® has appeared on popular television shows such as “Germany’s Next Top Model” with Heidi Klum, DIY Networks “Disaster House”, National Geographic’s “Nat Geo Amazing!, Fox News, Discovery Channel’s “Time Warp”, PBS’s “Wired Science”, Granada Television’s “Extraordinary People”, Germany’s “Grosse Knopf-Hopf" Show and “Explosiv”, France’s “Le Web Fait Son”, Ripley's “Believe It or Not”, Great Britain’s "Don't Try This at Home". Dr Megavolt ® and Mistress Megavolt continue to perform around the world.

Mistress Megavolt Reel - TRT: 05:43

WARNING! Do not try this at home!
The MegaVolt suit is specially designed and rigorously tested.
Tesla Coils Can Kill! Don't mess with High Voltage.